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Dining out on a low sodium diet

Eating out tonight was a challenge. You would think a plain baked potato would be safe but no …. they actually wrap them in foil and salt before baking them….who would guess that one ??!! Steak grilled, microwaved potatoe, salad and steamed asparagus was the final pick. I could have made that at home with herbs and spices with a lot more flavor and much cheaper. When dining out, you have to ask the questions about how your food is cooked. Some places even spray the veggies with a salt mixture to preserve the color. We asked that the steak be grilled without salt and the salad have no croutons or cheese. Next time we will bring our own salad dressing and no salt seasoning. We chose vinegar and oil dressing this time. I will say that the server was very helpful.


I Need Low Sodium Recipes and Tips Please !

So today the Doctor took my husband from a  low sodium diet to an even Lower Sodium Diet !!  I am anxious for the cook books I ordered to arrive.  Need to plan next weeks menu with even less sodium than before.  I am going back to work after being off for one month, so a little less time to plan and label read, but I will make it work !!!  Still looking for recipes if anyone would like to add one !! Please send recipes and any low sodium cooking tips !!

Maple Garlic Pork Tenderloin – Very Good !!

The glaze was wonderful, I would like to try it on other meats as well.  I served the Maple Garlic Pork with Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms and Boiled Potatoes that I then browned on the griddle with garlic and onion powder and a little table blend Mrs Dash.  Try this pork recipe, you will Love it !  Do not substitute the sesame oil (found in the oriental food section), gives the marinade a distinct flavor !!!!

I can cook, but I really need to brush up on my photography skills.  The recipe is below as found at

I baked my pork tenderloin instead of grilling at 375 for one hour.  (mine was about 2lb) I also brought the reserve marinade to a boil and simmered about 5 min. since it was a meat marinade. Then drizzled over meat to serve.

Maple Garlic Pork Tenderloin

2 Tbsp dijon mustard

1 tsp sesame oil

3 cloves garlic minced

fresh ground pepper to taste

1 cup maple syrup

1 1/2 lbs pork tenderloin

Combine mustard, sesame oil, garlic, pepper, and maple syrup.  Place pork in a shallow dish and coat thoroughly with marinade.  Cover then chill in the refrigerator at least eight hours or overnight. ( I used a big freezer ziploc bag)

Preheat grill for medium low heat.

Remove pork from marinade and set aside.  Transfer remaining marinade to a small saucepan and cook on the stove over medium low heat for 5 minutes.

Brush grate with oil and place meat on grate.  Grill pork, basting with reserved marinade for approximately 15 to 25 minutes or until interior is no longer pink. Avoid using high temperatures as marinade will burn.

Low Sodium Cookbooks

I ordered three low sodium cookbooks from different authors.  I am looking forward to trying different recipes from each.  It is difficult trying to find all of the recipes online.  They are out there but it will be nice being able to go through books specific to low sodium.  I have learned a lot about everyday cooking using fresh herbs, spices and veggies to replace salt for flavor.  Does anyone have suggestions for next weeks recipes ??

Tonight Maple Garlic Pork Tenderloin

This has been marinating over night, anxious to try it.  I got this recipe from All Recipes on line.  The reviews are great and not too many low sodium modifications needed to be made.  I will give review and if good the pics and recipe tonight.

The Crunchy Tilapia was just ok !

Nothing good to write about on this one.  I am not even going to list a recipe or show a pic unless someone wants it.  As I was making it I thought the recipe called for too much seasoning, however I wanted to give it a true review.  I was correct, too much seasoning, especially for tilapia, which already has a delicate flavor. Better luck tomorrow night with Maple glazed pork tenderloin.

Tonight Crunchy Baked Tilapia !!!!

I like this recipe because it is easy and looks good !  Fish is always a good choice for quick, delicious and healthy recipes. I will of course let you know how this turns out and take pics. I am beginning to realize how much sodium is in various foods.  It has been very surprising.  Just pick up a box of pre-packaged mac and cheese or a frozen dinner and you will understand what I am saying.  If you want to cook low sodium meals, you have to cook, not open and heat.  I am glad that I enjoy cooking or this would be a little more difficult.  I am not an expert cook, however, and all your tips, advice and comments are appreciated.

Rasberry Salmon Recipe

Salmon Fillets With Rasberry Citrus Sauce

Recipe from:

Tried: In Cheryl’s Kitchen

2 Tbsp. Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning Blend

1 Cup Water

2/3 Cup Couscous

1/2 Cup Chopped Green Onions

1 lb. Skinned Salmon Fillets 1 inch thick

3/4 Cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

1 Cup Minced Shallots

2 Tbsp Rasberry Preserves

2 tsp Fresh Grated Peeled Ginger

2 Tbsp Rasberry Vinegar

1/4 Cup Sliced Almonds Toasted

1/4 Cup Fresh Rasberries, Optional garnish

1. Preheat Broiler. Bring water to a boil in a medium saucepan and remove from heat. Stir in couscous and green onion.

2. Rinse and pat dry the salmon fillets, then sprinkle with Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning Blend on each side.  Place fillets on a broiler pan coated with non-stick spray. Broil 5 minutes per side, 5-6 inches from the heat source.

3. Over medium heat, bring orange juice and shallots to a slight boil in a small saucepan. Lower heat and whisk in rasberry preserves, ginger, and vinegar; keep warm while salmon is cooking.

4. Fluff couscous with a fork and place equal amounts on 4 dinner plates.  Lay a piece of salmon on top. Drizzle with citrus sauce over salmon and sprinkle almonds on top.  Garnish top with rasberries if desired.

Plum Sauce Chicken

Recipe from:

Tried in: Cheryl’s Kitchen

Plum Sauce Chicken

1 Tbsp. Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend

6 (4oz) Boneless skinless chicken breast halves

2/3 cup oriental plum sauce

1 Tbsp. lite soy sauce (I used low sodium)

1. Preheat oven to 375. Place chicken in a nonstick baking pan.

2. Combine plum sauce, Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend and soy sauce in small bowl.  Pour mixture evenly over chicken, turning pieces until well coated. Bake uncovered 35 – 40 minutes or until chicken reaches 170 degrees F.

Yummy Veggie Pizza was Like Cheating

My husband said he felt like he was cheating on his diet with this pizza.  I used fresh minced garlic, oregano and basil in the sauce.  I found low sodium olives that I sliced to make them cover more of the pizza without using many.  The lower sodium mozzerella was well complimented by the sliced roma tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, fresh spinach and sliced baby bella mushrooms.  Pictures of before baking and after are below.