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Mrs. Dash Seasoning Packets, Spices and Marinades


NOTE: I had mentioned on my previous post that I could not find all of the seasoning packets, I also cannot find all of the marinades. They note on their website that you can order online if unable to find certain blends.  I am going to go online to their website and order a few of the additional ones online today.  I will post about the ordering process and review the new spice blends!!!

Update on the ordering process: To order additional hard to find Mrs Dash Items from the buy online link on the Mrs Dash website, it takes you to another link to purchase in larger quantities:

I am going to order a few of the difficult to find items in bulk of 3-6 items each.  Shipping is quite high. I do so wish a larger assortment of  these brands were in a few of the larger retailers.

“My Brands” seems to be for those brands or specialty foods that are difficult to find.  Other than Mrs. Dash items, I did not see too many items in the low sodium section that I either cannot find or better yet make for myself!!!

The Seasoning Packets are great for those quick meals but I have only been able to find four of them in three grocery stores. I can also find two marinades.  I have all of the spices.


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