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My name is Cheryl, I am the mother of two daughters, stepmother to a son and daughter, grandmother to four precious children and I have two pugs that could also be considered children.  I recently was told my husband needed to go on a low sodium diet for health reasons. I thought, “No problem, I have severe hypertension and this could be good for both of us”. Wow, I was strolling through the grocery, reading labels and realizing this is not going to be as easy as I first thought. I bought every Mrs. Dash the grocery sold and several low sodium condiments that were actually still quite high in sodium content. Now that I have pulled a few recipes off the internet and considered buying a few low sodium cook books, I decided to start this blog so that others could join me in this journey and maybe share ideas, tips and recipes along the way.  I love to cook, however I never restricted SALT ! So please join me on this journey and feel free to share your comments, advice, ideas and OF COURSE RECIPES !!!!


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