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Yummy Veggie Pizza was Like Cheating

My husband said he felt like he was cheating on his diet with this pizza.  I used fresh minced garlic, oregano and basil in the sauce.  I found low sodium olives that I sliced to make them cover more of the pizza without using many.  The lower sodium mozzerella was well complimented by the sliced roma tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, fresh spinach and sliced baby bella mushrooms.  Pictures of before baking and after are below. 


Lifestyle Change

Since this is not a temporary diet and more of a lifestyle change, I thought it was time to go through my spice cabinet.  I was really surprised at how much sodium 1/4 tsp packed in some of these !!  Some of them didn’t even list the sodium content but had salt in the ingredient list. These are all the ones I got rid of .

The good news is, this cleared out my spice cabinet, now I am looking for a slide out wooden drawer that will fit in my cabinet so that I can get better organized. 

Homemade Veggie Pizza !!

Tomorrow night we are having Low Sodium Veggie Pizza.  We are using our favorite veggies and of course pineapple !!  Will submit a picture and taste test results.  Please feel free to post any ingredient ideas !

Awesome Spuds

The loaded baked potato was delicious.  Simple but filling.  Baked potato, unsalted butter, sour cream, 1 slice low sodium bacon, sliced green onion, fresh steamed broccoli and topped with chedder cheese.  I wanted to use salt and instead sprinkled Mrs Dash table blend on mine and it was really good.  This made for good comfy food !!!

Loaded Baked Potato

Tonight we are having a “Loaded Baked Potato”.  I am using some of the guidelines set out in the DASH diet plan and incorporating them into everyday cooking.  For the Baked Potato, I am using fresh steamed broccoli, 1 slice of low sodium bacon (85mg of sodium per slice), sour cream, no salt butter and shredded chedder cheese.  Simple but filling for a Sunday night dinner !!!!

Plum Sauce Chicken Was Great !!!

This was an easy recipe and tasted wonderful !!! I will post the recipe. I served this with asparagus seasoned with unsalted butter and table blend Mrs Dash. French bread, plain brushetta style with rubbed fresh garlic, brush of olive oil and sprinkled with basil and oregano. Yummy !!!

Plum Chicken Tonight !!!

Tonight I am going to be trying this recipe, Plum Chicken, also from the Mrs. Dash website. Next week I will be trying recipes from the Dash Diet, DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.

Salmon Recipe was Great !!!!

I tried the new recipe for Salmon Fillets with Rasberry Citrus Sauce that I printed from the website, it was wonderful. I definately recommend this VERY LOW SODIUM recipe.  It didn’t even need salt !!!  This comes from one that salts almost everything ! I typed out the recipe in the tab above.

Rasberry Salmon

Tonight I am cooking Rasberry Salmon, hopefully not too bland. Although it is low sodium, it is not a no sodium dish. If it is good I will post the recipe !

About my Journey

I recently was told my husband needed to go on a low sodium diet for health reasons. I thought, “No problem, I have severe hypertension and this could be good for both of us”. Wow, I was strolling through the grocery, reading labels and realizing this is not going to be as easy as I first thought. I bought every Mrs. Dash the grocery sold and several low sodium condiments that were actually still quite high in sodium content. Now that I have pulled a few recipes off the internet and considered buying a few low sodium cook books, I decided to start this blog so that others could join me in this journey and maybe share ideas, tips and recipes along the way. I love to cook, however I never restricted SALT ! So please join me on this journey and feel free to share your comments, advice, ideas and OF COURSE RECIPES !!!!